The Heritage of French Culture from A Countryside Villa

The vision of a villa in France symbolizes the epitome of the carefree French lifestyle. The tranquil countryside or the crisp coast sets the scene of a blissful escape with family or loved ones, modeled after the example of the locals and their way of living. Picturesque and cultured, it is nothing short of art itself.

  • Heartwarming Community

The environment and mood tangible in each destination in the south of France effectively share the heartwarming feel of countryside heritage. Corner cafes, bakeries teeming with baguettes and croissants, markets of fresh produce and the natives of the area create a strong sense of community to those visiting.

  • Cultivating Art

Cities in the south of France hold strong connections to renowned artists of the 19th century and earlier. The Post-Impressionist painter Paul Cezanne was born in Provence in 1839. His artworks would go on to influence the world of visual arts until today. The authentic artistic culture carries through to the local villas and the people that lived there. Villas often housed artists during these times, too, and relay a feeling of creative stimulation.

  • The Setting of a Sanctuary

The locations of these quaint villas may very well be one of their greatest attractions to those visiting from abroad. Besides the luxury and comfort of the buildings themselves, being situated among lavender fields, Winelands and vineyards fulfill the longing for a private sanctuary in nature.

Chic French culture is adored by all who seek a meaningful yet simple lifestyle. Whether inland or coastal, life in a villa in France translates to liberation from the hustle of the city and the pressure of reality. Whether on vacation or permanent residency, the effect of this setting will seep into every aspect of today’s high maintenance lifestyles, enriching it with culture and transforming it into something closer to the utopia of which we all dream.