Purchasing Your French Fairytale – From Location To Immobiliers

Purchasing property is always a wise investment to make, whether it’s in preparation for retirement, a romantic escape or as a family holiday house. Unfortunately, most people cannot afford to buy property in their country of residence, so the next logical option is a charming villa in the south of France. Although easier said than done, purchasing that dream villa can be as simple as the potential holiday itself if you keep your wits about you and go in with a game plan.

  • Countryside or Coastline?

The first part of the buying process starts with the location. The French countryside will offer more traditional villas, while the Mediterranean coast presents modern options. Your decision will be based on the atmosphere you desire. It is also important to take into account the distance from the nearest town or shops for your convenience.

  • Expert Assistance

Once the location is settled, a budget is next. It is essential to take into account the areas in your region that offer affordable villas in comparison to those that consist mainly of newer buildings with higher prices. Areas such as Limousin and Auvergne are known for reasonably priced villas. Real estate agents, or ‘immobiliers’, will be able to assist with the details of accounting for all costs, surveying the land and confirming working facilities. It is also recommended to choose a property with minimal renovations required.

The most significant aspect of buying your villa is ensuring that it meets your vision. The character should speak to you. Without a personal connection, your purchase will not convey the chic feel desired from a French villa.

Buying a French villa is not only a step towards a fantasy destination, but also an investment towards the future. Staying logical and organized, with every planned ahead, will provide the expertise needed to make the best decision for your picturesque real estate venture.