The Rejuvenation of a Private Paradise

Picture this: A homely countryside villa in the south of France, surrounded by a lush garden and glistening private pool, complete with luxurious amenities and the stillness of nature. This is the definition of a vacation focused solely on resting with the promise of rejuvenation from the hardships of daily life.

  • Let Unwinding Be Your Focus

As opposed to a trip centered around tourist attractions, a lengthy itinerary and constantly being on the go, a relaxing retreat in a whimsical villa provides the chance to focus on unwinding and de-stressing. With unlimited locations to choose from, certain spots are much more attuned to the need for rest.

  • Between a Mountain and a Valley

Set between the Pyrenees Mountains and Loire Valley, Dordogne is a peaceful department of southwest France and perfect for this type of getaway. The secluded, self-catering villas (fitting for that extra privacy) available to rent here are favored by tourists looking for an isolated vacation destination. The surrounding river offers a calm day activity of swimming, tanning, walking on the sand or even having a picnic next to the still water.

  • The Times’ Best

On the outskirts of Valbonne, Cote d’Azur, lies one of the Times Newspaper’s “20 Best French Villas in 2018”, Le Cerf Volant. This modern villa looks over a gorgeous view of Plascassier and is a perfect choice for a much-needed break. The grounds also include a tennis and golf course, ideal for a day of mindless enjoyment. Shops and villages are only a short walk away for some light exercise and retail therapy.

Vacations are essential to dealing with the stress of life and all its unavoidable chaos. The key is to allow for rest orientated vacations, like two weeks in an adored villa in France. With the correct accommodation and personalized relaxation, this vacation could be the saving grace of a busy year.