A Villa Vacation in the Mountains for Rest and Recuperation

After a long year (or five) of work, it’s safe to say a break abroad is well-deserved. With some good R & R in mind, there are key points to look at when choosing the most appropriate place. A divine villa in the south of France is the undeniably perfect destination.

  • Slowing It Down

Choosing a low-maintenance villa is highly important to ensure a time of rest. Something with minimal technology and secluded from the busy city would be the best option, preferably in a village where the pace is slowed down. This will offer cozy, traditional family villas that feel like a home away from home, minus all the responsibilities.

  • Reconnect With Yourself And Nature

The idea of solitude automatically exudes relaxation. A villa set in nature is the perfect way to reconnect with yourself and attract calmness to combat the pressure and tension of work life. To avoid too much time alone, a villa located near French markets will still maintain a level of recuperation while providing a social aspect.

  • A Villa Among Volcanoes

Auvergne is an inland, mountainous region decorated by green fields, freshwater ponds, and lakes. This area is a fantastic choice for a relaxing vacation with its classic country lifestyle and beautiful scenery. Vue Du Volcan is a villa surrounded by the stagnant volcanic peaks of Cantal. It is located near the ski resort in Le Lioran which also hold an ice-skating rink, making it a wonderful winter option.

The endless beauty of Frances’ nature and culture couldn’t possibly deny the rest needed to recover from working life. Intimate villas among the mountains and rivers, low effort activities and quaint village flea market trips combine to form everything needed for a vacation. Whether in solitude or with family, in summer or winter, a villa in France will not disappoint.