A Villa Vacation Crafted by Concierges with Oliver’s Travels

When traveling abroad, quality accommodation is what ensures a successful stay. A good hotel or guest house is often the deciding factor on that trip, and when traveling to France, a villa is the quintessence of luxurious living. Finding these fairy-tale spots may have proven challenging in the past, but now travelers can find comfort in the services that find them for you.

Oliver’s Travels is a team of avid travelers who have dedicated their time to hand-picking the best villas and properties in France (and other parts of Europe) for tourists. Formed in 2003 by co-founders Ravi and Oliver, after a week-long vacation in a chateau in Dordogne, Oliver’s Travels has been assisting tourists on their search for lavish housing for over 14 years.

  • Hand-Picked Perfection

The villas recommended and available for booking on the site spread from Provence to Aquitaine. A team of passionate concierges works together to select the finest choices for those in search of a unique and authentic French experience. There are categories to accommodate every desire, such as child-friendly villas, pool facilities, quirky atmospheres, affordable prices and Oliver’s personal favorites.

  • Endless Inspiration

With unlimited exceptional options to choose from, the greatest challenge would seem to be deciding on a destination. Oliver’s Travels has prepared for this by supplying an extensive Inspiration Page that provides suitable options for any specifications. There is also a section titled “Oliver’s Journal”, which is a blog focused on igniting inspiration about one’s future travels with reviews, images, and stories of Oliver’s own journeys.

Looking for the perfect villa in France can be the start of your exhilarating next vacation. With the help of Oliver and his team, one can locate a dream destination for the ideal vacation. The photographs of the countryside, the reviews of the classic villas and the ideal setting complete the picture of grandeur when abroad in France.